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How to dynamically define limits for multiple plots from user input in app designer?

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farzad on 3 Sep 2020
Commented: farzad on 4 Sep 2020
Hi All
I want to have a sort of While loop in my app designer, that untill app doesn't receive OK from the user, it prompts the axis limits from the user and each time correct the plot so the plot could be visually checked and confirmed.
my problem is : I have several files , and each one have 6 columns, so I should make 6 plots out of each file, and for each plot , I should manually check the limits and give ok to jump to the next plot and then to the next file. I don't want to make this jumps manually but only defining the limits. how do I do this ?


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Accepted Answer

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 3 Sep 2020
Instead of having a while loop you can simply have numeric edit fields with callbacks and an ok button with callback.
Once the user edits the field, the callback will updated the axis limit.
Once the user is happy they can click the ok button.
The ok button callback will do two things
  1. It will save the final values
  2. It will jump to the next plot if there is a next plot
Thereafter the cycle can repeat again until you are out of plots to check

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