About Basic Acquisition Window of ADC? (c2000)

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Burak Caykenari
Burak Caykenari le 16 Sep 2020
Commenté : Burak Caykenari le 24 Sep 2020
Hi Everyone ,
I have basic question about acquistion window value and its calculation . In ADC block the SOCx acquisition window was entered as 14.
According to TI f28379D document from Texas Instruments Acquistion window duration=(SYSCLK)*(ACQPS+1) SYSCLK=5ns (200MHz)
According to this 14 value.
ACQPS+1=14 ---- > ACQPS=13 ? Isn't it ?
acquisition window duration = (5ns)*(14)=70 ns ? Isn't it ?
If I 'm mistake , can you correct my answers ?

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Ram Alla
Ram Alla le 22 Sep 2020
Hi Burak,
You are right. The 'SOCx acquisition window' parameter in the ADC block is equal to 'ACQPS+1'.
When this parameter is entered as 14 and SYSCLK=5ns (200MHz),
Acquistion window duration=(SYSCLK)*(ACQPS+1) = (5 ns)*14 = 70 ns.
Best Regards,
Ram Alla.
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Burak Caykenari
Burak Caykenari le 24 Sep 2020
Thank you for answer .

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