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outputting a vector to a text file

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William le 25 Jan 2013
I am creating a sort of "Report Generator" and I have several 512 horizontal vectors of type double numbers I need to display in a chart. I am trying to use a for loop to make a 1 to 512 numbered header and underneath it is the numbers in the 512 vectors I am displaying with a tab inbetween. below is my latest attempt and I am getting several syntax errors with the nested fprintf command. Is there a better way to do this?
here is an example:
Vect type 1 2 3 4 6 6 7 8
vect one 23 32 34 32 31 43 31 32
and so on....
here is the code:
filename = strcat(Chicklet_serial,'.txt');
fid = fopen(filename, 'w');
fprintf(fid,'Test Name');
for ii = 1:512

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 25 Jan 2013
Don't put an fprintf inside an fprintf like this:
fprintf(fid,fprintf('%d\t',ii)); % Bad!
Do it like this instead

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