ode solver with unknows coefficients

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Serhat Unal
Serhat Unal le 25 Sep 2020
Commenté : Serhat Unal le 26 Sep 2020
I wonder if I have two coupled differential equations( ex. first orders) with two unknows coeffcients, which ode solver shouls I use for
I have tried using ode45, but I dont have initial values for this, so I wonder if there is an ode solver that could guess or implement that function?
Thanks, Hope for an answer!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 25 Sep 2020
In some situations, this can be coded as a Boundary Value Problem https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/boundary-value-problems.html?s_tid=CRUX_lftnav in which you are trying to find coefficient values that match some known behaviour.
But in the more general case, you cannot use numeric methods because you are modeling a class of problems, and you have to hope that the Symbolic Toolbox dsolve() can figure out a useful solution for you.
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Serhat Unal
Serhat Unal le 26 Sep 2020
thanks for the answer.
I forgot to mention that it was a brusselator problem and
I want to make a 2d plot of these two coupled first order odes, but still does not
have any initial values or boundary conditions, but is there a way to still use any ode solver
and how would the code look like in this case.

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