Multiple Font Sizes in title: (Mixture of latex and English commands)

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Matlab2010 le 28 Jan 2013
I have an image with a title.
I wish to use a mixture of English and symbols.
The English looks fine, however the symbols come out looking too small for the reader to easily view. They look better at 'FontSize' 18.
However, I dont wish to have the English at Font Size 18 as this doesnt look good.
can title/ axis support multiple font size? if so how? thanks
figure; title('\bf My Output, \Theta');

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José-Luis le 28 Jan 2013
title(['\fontsize{20} Look Big' char(10) ...
'\fontsize{10} Look small' char(10) ...
'\fontsize{20} Mixed_{\fontsize{8} underscore}'],'interpreter','tex');

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