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output file text creation text wrap around

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William le 28 Jan 2013
when creating text files in MATLAB is there a good way to deal with the "wrap around" ? I am exporting a list (1 - 512) and I am attempting to print the doc in a landscape format but the document keeps wrapping around. Is there a way to plan for this in the code?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 28 Jan 2013
Could you explain further what you mean by "wrap around" ?

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Jan le 28 Jan 2013
The document does not perform any wrapping of the lines. This is a feature of the editor you open the text in and it can be controlled there. E.g. in the Windows Editor the wrapping cannot be disabled, in Wordpad you can decide for a mode, and Matlab's editor does not wrap the lines.
I do not understand, what a "list (1 - 512)" is. Do you want to insert a line break in the text after a certain column?

William le 28 Jan 2013
The list 1-512 is referring to an array with 512 columns that is going on horizontally for about five pages. As of now text wraps around each line and I was hoping there was a formatting method to get the entire matrix X rows x 512 columns to wrap around as a group instead of individual lines.

Chad Greene
Chad Greene le 23 Sep 2015
wraptext may do the trick.


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