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Partial Integration in Matlab r2015a

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Fakhri Alifin
Fakhri Alifin le 7 Oct 2020
Commenté : Kevin Zheng le 13 Déc 2020
Hello everybody,
I have a question about partial integration in matlab r2015a
I have an equation that is
f(s,n) = int(s*f_gamma(s,n),s,0,W)
I want to integrate s*f_gamma(s,n) partially because it won't work if I integrate it with normal integral function,
but in matlab r2015a, there is no integrateByParts(f,du) command.
So, anyone can give me some suggestions? It will help me a lot
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Kevin Zheng
Kevin Zheng le 13 Déc 2020
I don't really like to give non-answer answers, but if you want to compute indefinite integrals, I would suggest using something like WolframAlpha, or Wolfram Mathematica as opposed to Matlab.
If you actually just want to compute a definite integral, then you can do this.
integral(@(s) s .* f_gamma(s, n), 0 , W)
Before, you were trying to muliply a number with a function, which mathematically is fine, but programmically isn't since a function is pretty complicated. This code snippet will create a new function whose content is s .* f_gamma(s, n), then integrate it. Of course, I hope the variable n is already defined yes?
Read more here https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_prog/anonymous-functions.html

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