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GUI seems to be stuck on where I attempted to print the display

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William le 1 Fév 2013
I recently added a print button on the toolbar of my GUI and since then whenever I start the GUI it immediately goes right back to where I last printed the plot with the same settings. How can I clear the GUI so that I get a fresh start every time I run it and not see the last thing I did?
Thank you

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 1 Fév 2013
Modifié(e) : Image Analyst le 1 Fév 2013
I'm not sure if you mean the GUI (figure) with all of its sliders, textlabels, and radio buttons, etc., or the just the plot (axes). But if you want to reset just the current axes containing a plot, you can do
cla reset;


En savoir plus sur Specifying Target for Graphics Output dans Help Center et File Exchange


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