Not enough input arguments.

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danielle sisserman
danielle sisserman on 24 Oct 2020
Commented: Stephen on 5 Nov 2020
Hi, I am very new to matlab and need some basic help.
function classifier = learnknn(k, d, m, Xtrain, Ytrain)
classifier = {k, d, m, Xtrain, Ytrain};
I get the error " Not enough input arguments. "
But, I cannot change the first line of this code. Only the body of the function can be modified.
Thank you.
Stephen on 5 Nov 2020
"so if I understand, function classifier = learnknn(k, d, m, Xtrain, Ytrain) is actually all I need?"
No, the syntax that Walter Roberson showed replaces your entire function. It uses the special varargin variable:
"and what if I wanted the classifier function to return a diferent datastructure than a cell? for example, if I wanted to return a list object containing the input objects."
MATLAB does not have a "list" type:

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