Can Simscape model mask parameter be a gpu array?

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I'm trying to speed up the simulation execution, and I was wondering:
if I have a Nvidia GPU and Parallel toolbox installed, with of course Matlab, Simulink, Simscape, Simscape electrical and so on ..
Can I decalre a GPUarray in the workspace and give it as input in the mask of a Simscape element? (a FEM parametrized rotary actuator for example)
If it's not possible, is there any plan to do this in future?
It should be great

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Bruno Rodriguez Esteban
Bruno Rodriguez Esteban on 29 Oct 2020
Hi Federico,
GPU Coder does not support Simscape models. GPUs can speed up the simulation if the model can be paralellized, but I believe that is not the case for most Simscape models.
I would suggest a different approach (if you haven't tried it yet) to speed up simulation. Please take a look at this link:
Alternatively, you can explore generating HDL code and run your moodel in a FPGA to accelerate your models. Please take a look at some links below:

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