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How can i find the position of a subimage in larger image ?

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Mariem Harmassi
Mariem Harmassi le 13 Fév 2013
Hello I have a sub-image X ,which is a subimage of Y .How can find the position of this subiamge in the image Y ? Can anyone help me

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Thorsten le 13 Fév 2013
F = im2double(imread('cameraman.tif'));
I = rand(512);
I([1:size(F,1)] + 30, [1:size(F,2)] + 80) = F;
disp('Search target using imfilter, this may take some time...')
If = imfilter(I, F);
[maxval ind] = max(If(:));
[y x] = ind2sub(size(If), ind);
hold on
plot(x, y, 'rx')

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 7 Nov 2015
Use normxcorr2(). See my demo of it, attached.


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