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Simscape Battery SOC increasing even with Circuit-Braker Open

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Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A le 4 Nov 2020
Hello !
I have noticed my battery SOC keep on increasing even before I close the switch between Constant current source and battery ! Any idea why this is happening ? Tried manualy deleting the connection between CC source and battery then it's staying at same soc and no battery voltage rising happens. Attached screenshot.

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy le 4 Nov 2020
Hello Sreeraj
The way the model is configured, the current source forces the current anyhow through the breaker which ends up continue charging your battery. This is an abstraction, as in reality a voltage source might be more representative.
I propose that you by-pass the current to ground with an additional switch in your model. Then the SOC shall stop increasing as current is diverted to earth when the charging breaker is open.
Hope this helps
BR Juan


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