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Setting the figure "Tag" property for a waitbar

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owr on 20 Feb 2013
Hi folks,
Hoping one of you has an easy solution for me. Skipping over the non-relevant details, Im trying to add a tag to a waitbar so that multiple functions can re-use the same waitbar figure. Normally I would just capture and share the handle directly, but each function is deployed as a method in a .NET dll and I have no control over how the end user will use these from C#
Specifically, why cant I used the 'Tag' property and "findobj" like I can with normal figure windows?
>> waitbar(0.2,'Message','Tag','MyWB')
>> h = findobj('Tag','MyWB')
h =
Empty matrix: 0-by-1
Im trying to mimic the 'replace' option that I can use with "warndlg"
If this turns out ot be impossible/too difficult, I have another plan that will use the waitbar handle directly and getmcruserdata/setmcruserdata.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 20 Feb 2013
Edited: Jan on 20 Feb 2013
The waitbar has a hidden handle. Therefore you need findall or allchild:
waitbar(0.2, 'Message', 'Tag', 'MyWB');
h = findall(0, 'Tag', 'MyWB')
When there are a lot of graphic objects, this can be remarkably faster, because it searches the figures only:
h = findobj(allchild(0), 'flat', 'Tag', 'MyWB')
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owr on 26 Feb 2013
Excellent Jan, this works perfectly. My apologies for not addressing this earlier. I got involved with other projects and had forgotten that I had posted this.

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