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Addition of adjacent rows of a column matrix

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KK14 on 16 Nov 2020
Commented: KK14 on 19 Nov 2020
Hello, here is a part of my code where I am trying to add adjacent rows, i.e a(R1)+a(R2) =b(R2), a(R2)+a(R3) = b(R3) and so on. Could anyone please help me solve the issue of exceeding array bounds in position 1.
i = 2:500;
j = 2:500;
if ( i == j)
b(j,1) = a(i,1) + a(i-1,1)+ b(j-1,1);
Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 16 Nov 2020
You can use movmean()
x = rand(100, 1);
y = movmean(x, 2, 'Endpoint', 'discard')

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KK14 on 19 Nov 2020
Thanks for the help. I shall try it out.

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