Heat Transfer in a 2D plate using Explicit Finite Difference Method

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I need to write a serie of for loops to calculate the temperature distribution along a 2Dimensional aluminium plate through time using the Explicit Finite Difference Method. The information I got with respect of point P:
**Boundary Contidions along North edge: 50 degrees
**Boundary Conditions along the West edge: Temperature linearly decresing from 50 to 0 degrees.
**Boundary Conditions along the East edge: Temperature linearly decreasing from 50 to 0 degrees.
**Boundary Condition along South edge: 0 degrees.
**Initial Domain Condition= 0 degrees.
Can someone help me out here please?
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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 17 Nov 2020
this sounds like a math problem first and programming problem later. what do you mean by "explicit finite difference method"? you should write out the equations you mean to solve as well. If add these, people might lend help.

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Manas Meena
Manas Meena on 4 Dec 2020
Edited: Manas Meena on 4 Dec 2020


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