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Interpolated gridded data with limits

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David du Preez
David du Preez le 20 Nov 2020
Commenté : David du Preez le 23 Nov 2020
I have gridded data which I want to plot on a longitude/latitude map. I have used the following code:
pcolor(lon1,S_latitude,sum_pd') %sum_pd' gridded data
shading interp
colormap jet
c = colorbar;
caxis([0 1])
c.Label.String = (['Sensitivity ' species_name ' (' species_unit ')']);
hold on
grid on
But using pcolor interpolate across all longitudes (see image). Is there a way to avoid this or interpolate between a longitude region?

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KSSV le 20 Nov 2020
Don't transpose the ZData. Try:
If you still face a porblem or if you get an error. Read about inpolygon.
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KSSV le 23 Nov 2020
What error it shows?
David du Preez
David du Preez le 23 Nov 2020
The function assumes that assumes that the polygon goes from -50 to 100 and covers the 0 longitude which is the area I want to exclude.

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