Butterworth filter in simulink

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Wouter on 13 Mar 2013
Answered: 병수 이 on 7 Apr 2022
I need the butterworth filter block in Simulink but I can't find it in my Simulink browser. My professor told me it is part of the "Signal Processing Toolbox" from Matlab.
I verified if I have this toolbox by using the "VER" command.
Why don't I have the butterworth filter in my Simulink?
This gave me the following output:
MATLAB Version: (R2012a)
MATLAB License Number: ••••••
Operating System: Linux 3.2.0-38-generic-pae #61-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 19 12:39:51 UTC 2013 i686
Java Version: Java 1.6.0_17-b04 with Sun Microsystems Inc. Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM mixed mode
MATLAB Version 7.14 (R2012a)
Simulink Version 7.9 (R2012a)
Aerospace Blockset Version 3.9 (R2012a)
Aerospace Toolbox Version 2.9 (R2012a)
Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.1 (R2012a)
Communications System Toolbox Version 5.2 (R2012a)
Computer Vision System Toolbox Version 5.0 (R2012a)
Control System Toolbox Version 9.3 (R2012a)
Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.2.1 (R2012a)
DSP System Toolbox Version 8.2 (R2012a)
Database Toolbox Version 3.11 (R2012a)
Datafeed Toolbox Version 4.3 (R2012a)
Econometrics Toolbox Version 2.1 (R2012a)
Embedded Coder Version 6.2 (R2012a)
Filter Design HDL Coder Version 2.9.1 (R2012a)
Financial Derivatives Toolbox Version 5.9 (R2012a) License unknown
Financial Toolbox Version 4.2 (R2012a)
Fixed-Income Toolbox Version 2.3 (R2012a) License unknown
Fixed-Point Toolbox Version 3.5 (R2012a)
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 2.2.15 (R2012a)
Global Optimization Toolbox Version 3.2.1 (R2012a)
HDL Coder Version 3.0 (R2012a)
HDL Verifier Version 4.0 (R2012a)
Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 4.3 (R2012a)
Image Processing Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2012a)
Instrument Control Toolbox Version 3.1 (R2012a)
MATLAB Builder JA Version 2.2.4 (R2012a)
MATLAB Coder Version 2.2 (R2012a)
MATLAB Compiler Version 4.17 (R2012a)
MATLAB Report Generator Version 3.12 (R2012a)
Mapping Toolbox Version 3.5 (R2012a)
Model Predictive Control Toolbox Version 4.1 (R2012a)
Neural Network Toolbox Version 7.0.3 (R2012a)
Optimization Toolbox Version 6.2 (R2012a)
Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 6.0 (R2012a)
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Version 1.0.20 (R2012a)
Phased Array System Toolbox Version 1.2 (R2012a)
RF Toolbox Version 2.10 (R2012a)
Robust Control Toolbox Version 4.1 (R2012a)
Signal Processing Toolbox Version 6.17 (R2012a)
SimBiology Version 4.1 (R2012a)
SimDriveline Version 2.2 (R2012a)
SimElectronics Version 2.1 (R2012a)
SimEvents Version 4.1 (R2012a)
SimHydraulics Version 1.10.1 (R2012a)
SimMechanics Version 4.0 (R2012a)
SimPowerSystems Version 5.6 (R2012a)
SimRF Version 3.2 (R2012a)
Simscape Version 3.7 (R2012a)
Simulink 3D Animation Version 6.1 (R2012a)
Simulink Coder Version 8.2 (R2012a)
Simulink Control Design Version 3.5 (R2012a)
Simulink Design Optimization Version 2.1 (R2012a)
Simulink Design Verifier Version 2.2 (R2012a)
Simulink Fixed Point Version 7.1 (R2012a)
Simulink Report Generator Version 3.12 (R2012a)
Simulink Verification and Validation Version 3.3 (R2012a)
Stateflow Version 7.9 (R2012a)
Statistics Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2012a)
Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 5.8 (R2012a)
System Identification Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2012a)
SystemTest Version 2.6.3 (R2012a)
Wavelet Toolbox Version 4.9 (R2012a)

Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 13 Mar 2013
Edited: Azzi Abdelmalek on 13 Mar 2013
There is no block named Butterworth, look at Analog Filter Design block and set it to Butterworth filter
waad Alzahrani
waad Alzahrani on 25 Dec 2016
i need to design a butterworth first order filter using simulink, since there is no block for butterworts filter so i can use the lowpass filter block or the transfer function right ?

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 13 Mar 2013
It is indeed in the Signal Processing Toolbox as you can see here:
You can use design digital or analog domain filters and use
Discrete or continuous filters to use it in Simulink:

병수 이
병수 이 on 7 Apr 2022
I am using MATLAB R2021a.
The block is in DSP System Toolbox --> Filter Implementations --> Analog Filter Design.
The Analog Filter Design block supports Butterworth, Chevyshev I, Chevyshev II, Elliptic and Bessel filters
for Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Bandstop types with arbitrary orders.

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