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Plot 2 vectors (different size) on same histogram normalized such that both have total area 1

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Litalo on 9 Dec 2020
Commented: Litalo on 9 Dec 2020
ok so i have vector A and vector B
and i want to plot them both in histogram - with normalization probabillity for each,
this is a code i tried: i have [A] vector and [B] (different sizes)
histogram(A,100, 'Normalization','probability')
hold on
histogram(B,100, 'Normalization','probability');
ylabel('Probabillity'); xlabel('V');
But somhow they dont get same area under the histograms plots:
or it seems like this - maybe since one vector is more "dense" (longer) how to fix it so it will look the same area below (to be equal 1 surely)


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