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Labelling a Double Axis Graph

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Matlab2010 le 28 Mar 2013
However, an error occurs on adding axis labels;
x1 = [0:.1:40];
y1 = 4.*cos(x1)./(x1+2);
x2 = [0:.1:40];
y2 = 4.*sin(x1)./(x1+2);
x3 = [1:.2:20];
y3 = x3.^2./x3.^3;
hl1 = line(x1,y1,'Color','r');
ax1 = gca;
hold all;
hl2 = line(x2,y2,'Color','g');
ax2 = axes('Position',get(ax1,'Position'),...
hl3 = line(x3,y3,'Color','k','Parent',ax2);
%the above works fine.
title('My title')
%Now when we try and add labels, we get an error, "Value must be a handle"
set(ax1, 'Xlabel', 'G');
set(ax1, 'Ylabel', 'V');
set(ax2, 'Xlabel', 'D');
set(ax2, 'Ylabel', 'L');
any sensible comments gratefully recieved! thanks!

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek le 28 Mar 2013
xlabel(ax1, 'G');

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