nested Simulink While Iterators

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Andy le 3 Avr 2013
I have done enough prototyping now to know that While Iterator subsystems can be nested inside each other, and to see what the Simulink development environment is like inside iterative loops. My question is, before I get too far with this project, are the any run/compile/development issues I should be aware of, and is nesting While Iterator susystems an architecture supported be Mathworks, in case I get into trouble? Thanks.

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau le 4 Avr 2013
I don't remember using nested iterator subsystem myself. I was curious, so I searched our database and I cannot find reports of problems involving nested iterator subsystems.
In general, if you want to search for known issues involving a feature you are planning to use, I recommend searching our database of reported bugs:
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Andy le 4 Avr 2013
Thanks, Guy. I have been through the various bug reports, Answers database, etc., and even spoke with the Help desk directly on a few high level issues as I was scoping how to apporach this project. What I setting out to do seems to be is more obscure use of Simulink, and iteration loops in Simulink do not have the best development environment, but feeling my way into this, it seems pretty robust. To be sure, it is the lack of threads on this methodology that concerns me, as opposed to, say, a lot of problem reports. If this works, I can see this apporach becomes a lot more popular. Thanks again..

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