How can I correctly use the parenthesis and write equations

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Nicholas Moung
Nicholas Moung le 29 Déc 2020
Réponse apportée : dpb le 29 Déc 2020
I would like to calculate P_d by the equation above and I wrote that equation in Matlab. I wrote two equations in matlab, but none of them give the correct answer. I beg your corrections on the equations written in Matlab.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 29 Déc 2020
Modifié(e) : Adam Danz le 29 Déc 2020
Supplying the text rather than an image would allow us to copy-paste your code so we can examine it from the editor.
Providing a set of inputs and expected outputs would is also a good idea.

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dpb le 29 Déc 2020
Which inputs might be vectors, if any, would determine where and if need dot operators.
Work from inside out...


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