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Model Linearisation - Open Loop Input and Input Pertubation has the same input values ?

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Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A le 4 Jan 2021
Commenté : Sreeraj A le 5 Jan 2021
Hello !
I am trying to Linearise one of my model and notices by selecting Open Loop Input or Input Pertubation the input signal when connected to scope displays the same value !
i.e my default Duty is 0.6 and when specifified Sine stream signal with 0.1 amplitude getting waveform with peaks 0.7 and 0.5 . But when changed the signal to Open Loop Input getting the same values. ?
From the help file what I understand is Open Loop input breaks the input conection and provide only the signal. Can any one helps to clarify my understanding.
S Arole

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Paul le 4 Jan 2021
The linear analysis points (Input Perturbation, etc.) only apply for linearizing the model. They don't have any impact when running the simulation, which is what it sounds like is being done here.
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Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A le 5 Jan 2021
Thanks for the reply.
I was just trying to scope the signal when running linearisation process from Linerization manager to see the difference. The actual execution is done from Model Linearisation only.( Bode Plot Estimation)

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