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Initializing Image Acquisition with FLIR Black Fly camera

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Mike le 11 Jan 2021
Commenté : Mike le 19 Jan 2021
I am using Image Acquisition tools set with a FLIR Blackfly S BFS-U3-515SM camera. In my code I perform the following steps to initialize:
% Connect camera
cam = videoinput('mwspinnakerimaq', 1, 'Mono12Packed');
camProps = getselectedsource(cam);
% Set exposure and Gain
camProps.ExposureAuto = 'Off';
camProps.GainAuto = 'Off';
camProps.ExposureTime = 30001;
The first time I run this code after conencting the camera (USB3) I get the following error message:
Attempt to modify currently read-only or inaccessible property: ExposureTime.
Use IMAQHELP(OBJ, 'ExposureTime') for information.
If I run IMAQTOOL, select my camera in Mono 12 bit packed mode, and then click on "Start Preview" I see the image, and the camera is clearly working properly. I next click on "Stop Preview" and then I exit IMAQTOOL.
Once I have previewed the image in IMAQTOOL the above code suddenly works.
Is there an initialization step I am missing?

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Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia le 19 Jan 2021
Hi Mike,
You can refer to the following similar MATLAB Answer post:
Hope it helps you!
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Mike le 19 Jan 2021
Thanks Anshika,
I can work around the issue by doing the following:
cam = videoinput('mwspinnakerimaq', 1, 'Mono12Packed');
camProps = getselectedsource(cam);
One "preview" executes it leaves the camera in a state where I can control all aspects. It works but it definitely lacks elegance. There is obviously a known methodology to properly initialize the camera otherwise the preview function would fail. The above steps are a hack. It would be nice if someone, be it MathWorks or FLIR actually documented their products so that it was possible to use them properly.

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