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problem when saving some large variables of the workspace

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Mariem Harmassi
Mariem Harmassi le 14 Avr 2013
hello i tried to save some large variables manually but it doesn t work the result is a shortcut , i also tried this command save('pqfile.mat','mat','-v7.3') when i tried to open the file i get a message error signalizing that the file is propbably corrupted . Please help me i am using matlab 2012 a under windows 7 64 bit

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 14 Avr 2013
You're saving the entire workspace. Why don't you pass in some variable names (in single quotes) to save only what you really really need. How large are these variables? Hundreds of millions of bytes? Also, you forgot to tell us the exact error message or exact code, so I'm going to refer you to this: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/6200-tutorial-how-to-ask-a-question-on-answers-and-get-a-fast-answer
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Mariem Harmassi
Mariem Harmassi le 14 Avr 2013
i repeated the operation with passing the variables needed in order to reduce the volume the variable's size is 92.4 Mo (98 877 786 octets) and everything is Ok :), but i still have a question why it doesn t work manually ?

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