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What does the space on the resultant graph mean?

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Hdez le 21 Jan 2021
Hello everyone. I have done 2 codes to demonstrate the 2D heat diffusion through an aluminium plate using the Explicit Finite Difference Method. However, on the first code, when I change the grid spacing and time step to see how the 2 influence the code, I obtained this:
On the first one I chose a smaller grid spacing and time step than on the second imagine. However, what does that space means?

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Ayush le 3 Avr 2024
As per my understanding, if I consider the "space" axis to be the dimension of the plate, then it represents your plate length of ~0.05m. There is no change in the physical property of the plate beyond that length. Thus, there is a gap, as can be seen clearly from your second graph.
The difference between the two graphs is your measuring sample points. For instance, in the first graph, you have more sample points than in the second graph; that's why the gap is not visible in the first one. If you zoom in near the range of 0.04 to 0.06 at the "space" axis of your first graph, you will observe a similar gap, with plate dimension being limited to ~0.05m.


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