mdbstatus disables all warnings

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tommsch le 22 Jan 2021
Commenté : Kirthi le 12 Déc 2022
I am using Matlab R2018a. It seems that mdbstatus regularly disables all warnings by calling warning( 'off' ) and not reset the warnings to the original state. Is this a known bug? I could not yet reproduce this behaviour consistently, thus I cannot give more information.
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Kirthi le 12 Déc 2022
Hello tommsch, This is not an expected behavior and certainly not a bug. This can be checked by searching the file 'mdbstatus.m', The file can be found in …\toolbox\matlab\codetools in your installation directory, i.e : C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2016b\toolbox\matlab\codetools. Search the file in this folder.
To add, resolving your issue needs further information. Reproduction steps are also important to investigate the issue. Please add information regarding the same.

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