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Behaviour ofparfeval depends on debugging state (Bug?)

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tommsch le 29 Jan 2021
I have the following function, which should return false. If I set a breakpoint at the first line, and then step through the program, I get the message:
Analyzing and transferring files to the workers ...done
and the function returns false. But when I just execute the function, no message is issued and the function returns true. Is this a bug?
function ret = testparfeval;
F = parfeval( gcp(), @afssasgdd, 0 ); %this is a non-existent function
while( isequal(F(1).State,'queued') );
pause( 0.1 ); end;
ret = isempty( F.Error );

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis le 29 Jan 2021
I suspect this is because when you don't stop in the debugger, the function can return as soon as F gets into state 'running', i.e. before it gets to state 'finished'. Rather than polling the State property, I'd recommend using the wait method, like this:
F = parfeval(gcp(), @afssasgdd, 0);
didError = ~isempty(F.Error)
The wait method can take an optional timeout if you wish.

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