How to make united polygons from separated polygons?

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Smithy le 5 Fév 2021
Réponse apportée : KSSV le 5 Fév 2021
I have 3 separated polygons of each variables (Polygon#1, Polygon#2,Polygon#3).
I would like to make one united polygon from 3 separated polygons as the picture.
I tried with union funtion of matlab, but it works only for contacted Polygon.
Please give me some helps or hints...

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KSSV le 5 Fév 2021
Let P1,P2,P3 be your three polygons data which I am assuming as column dominant.
P = [P1; P2; P3] ; % merge the data
idx = boundary(P(:,1),P(:,2)) ;
P = P(idx,:) ;
The above shall work if not share the data.

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