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The running of a code MATLAB become so slow !

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Rahim Rahim
Rahim Rahim le 6 Fév 2021
Clôturé : Cris LaPierre le 6 Fév 2021
I have a Laptop with good performance ( hardwer and softwer ). I am using windows 10 and Matlab 2018b.
My process is Intel core i7 9th generation. I have a problem that I developed a code and it was work fast; but today was working so slowly.
I don't knwo where is the problem, could you help me please ?
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Jan le 6 Fév 2021
Yes, of course we can help you. You know, that there is no magical switch we can access on your laptop, which enables the full speed again. If you code runs slowly, identify the bottleneck with the profiler and post the corresponding code with some working (maybe random) input data. Then we can examine the reason of the speed degradation and suggest improvements.
dpb le 6 Fév 2021
Modifié(e) : dpb le 6 Fév 2021
It also could be that before you used small(ish) datasets and today you introduced a much larger problem???
Or, you also have a whole bunch of other applications open now that didn't before and they've taken up all memory or are running in background "stealing" CPU cycles???
Or, you've been on the internet since and picked up a bad case of malware or the like???

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