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Format (Byte) of UDP packets from VLC

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Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy le 12 Fév 2021
I am trying to read udp packets by streaming an mp3 from vlc player and receiving packets in matlab. I successfully received the packets but the problem is that i want to decode the packets.
Address in VLC is and port is 1234. Now how to write a decoder, I cant find any Byte Information on Internet or VLC forums. Can some please help me with this. The code i used is given below and received packets are also attached.
u = udp('', 'LocalHost', '', 'LocalPort', 1234,'ByteOrder','littleEndian');
packetData = zeros(512,100,'uint8');
for i = 1:100
% Receive a single UDP packet
packetData(:,i) = uint8(fread(u));
The packet is attached.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 12 Fév 2021

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