I am doing a project using structured light, I need image to be showed in 'full screen mode', how?

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I searched in the web.All answers can not work.Only this works "The Psychophysics Toolbox" Is there a simple solution in native matlab? My matlab version 7.10.0.
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Ayush singhal
Ayush singhal le 21 Mai 2021
I have a doubt regarding the same project.How can I shift in the stripe patterns.
I am using this below code to make stripe pattern. Now I would like shifted stripes on the plane.
% stripe pattern
hold on
screenWidth = 400
screenHeight =500
stripeWidth = 10; % Pixels
oneCycle = repelem([0,1], stripeWidth);
% Make vertical stripes.
numStripes = floor(screenWidth / ( 2*stripeWidth))
multipleCycles = uint8(255 * repmat(oneCycle, [500, numStripes]));
cmap = [1 1 1; 0 0 0];
S= imrotate(multipleCycles,-30);
G = imshow(S, [], 'ColorMap', cmap)
axis on
Any lead would be helpful.

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Grzegorz Knor
Grzegorz Knor le 9 Mai 2013

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