Editing Source Code for Simscape Components?

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YY on 1 Mar 2021
Hi All,
I have a question regarding the source code for a Simscape Mechanical component: Translational Damper. Right now my Translational Damper in the Simscape model has 1 parameter only, which allows me to enter a damping coefficient.
Once I open the source code, I get a couple lines of code basically calculating the force transmitted by the damper with the given damping coefficient.
However in my model, I would like to have different damping coefficient based on the magnitude of the translational acceleration. Is it possible to add an acceleration variable in the source code and apply that to my damper?
I found a faultable translational damper which allows me to customize various parameters for fault conditions. I guess this is the one I need but I cannot find it in the library? The faultable one is linked below:
Thank you all in advance,

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