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Draw lines around specific regions in imagesc plot

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Benjy Barnett
Benjy Barnett le 11 Mar 2021
I have a NxN matrix T that I am plotting with imagesc. This matrix is a matrix of t values. I would like to mark the t values that are significant. Ideally, I would draw around them with a black line in the imagesc plot. I have another NxN matrix of p values P.
So essentially, I want to find every element in P that is less than 0.05, and draw a line around the corresponding point in the imagesc representation of T. Also, if there are multiple elements next to eachtoehr that are below 0.05 in P, the line should ideally encompass all these points in one, rather than each element being encircled on its own.
Like how the top image looks in the attached image.
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Aleksandar Besevic
Aleksandar Besevic le 21 Déc 2022
Hey, did you ever manage to solve this? Having a similar issue whereby I want to draw a box/rectangle around a defect in an imagesc plot . Contour plot just creates a squiggle inside the pixel which is pretty useless

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 21 Déc 2022




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