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Simscape Error ; The following Inductors are connected together

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Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A le 24 Mar 2021
Commenté : Sreeraj A le 26 Mar 2021
I have a Boost PFC which I am trying to convert to interleaved architecture when tried running the simulation getting the error
Thanks in Advance.
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hamza hamid
hamza hamid le 24 Mar 2021
Please me your Simulation model I will check the problem. This my email:hamidamza@yahoo.fr I have Matlab 2016b

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel le 24 Mar 2021
You can place a large resistor between the two inductors and connect it to ground. Start with 1e6 ohms.
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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel le 25 Mar 2021
yes, that should be fine, but to see how much it is affecting your simulation, you can measure the current going through the resistor. If it is above 1-2% of your system current, you may want to make it larger. (the smaller the resistor, the more innacurate your model will be, but the faster it can simulate. The larger the resistor, the more accurate, but the slower the model might run).
Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A le 26 Mar 2021
Hello Joel,
Thank you very much for the information and support. Much appreciated.

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