How to launch a model downloaded from you

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Andrew Andrew
Andrew Andrew on 14 Apr 2021
Answered: JIYON PJ on 14 Apr 2021
How to launch a model downloaded from you

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JIYON PJ on 14 Apr 2021
Open a Model
Opening a model loads the model into memory and displays it in the Simulink Editor. Use any of these techniques:
  • On the MATLAB Toolstrip, on the Home tab, click Simulink. On the Simulink Start Page, select a recent model or project from the list, or click Open.
  • In the Simulink Toolstrip, on the Simulation tab, select Open and click Recent Files to open recent files or Open to search for a model.
  • At the MATLAB Command Window, enter the name of the model without a file extension, for example, vdp. The model must be in the current folder or on the MATLAB search path.
  • In the Simulink Library Browser, click the Open button .
  • Open the model using the Current Folder browser or your operating system file browser.
To open a model created in a later version of Simulink software in an earlier version, first export the model to the earlier version. See Export Model to Previous Simulink Version.

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