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How do I Input both x-coordinates and y-coordinates into the findpeaks function?

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Ibrahim Suleiman
Ibrahim Suleiman le 23 Avr 2021
Réponse apportée : Chunru le 23 Avr 2021
Hi, I want to use my x-coordinates and y-coordinates as inputs when using the findpeaks function but for some reason, it does not let me.
%Find the peaks displaying magnitude,width,locations
%only selecting the largest peaks
[pks,w,locs] = findpeaks(x,s,'MinPeakHeight',100)
x = is a time vector that starts at zero and slowly increases.
s= is the y axis values. Both x and s are the same size.
I need to do this so that I can find the location of the peaks in my signal using the X-values that came with the signal.
Can someone help me with this?

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Chunru le 23 Avr 2021
[pks, locs, w] = findpeaks(s, x, ...)
doc findpeaks for details.


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