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Repeating sequence in xlabel

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Santos García Rosado
Santos García Rosado le 23 Avr 2021
I'm trying to repeat a sequence on the xlabel of the figure I've attached.
Since I'm plotting a vector that has 160 values, the xlabel goes from 1 to 160 as you can see on the figure. But I'd like the xlabel to display a sequence going from 1 to 20 8 times. (8*20 = 160). This is the code I'm using to plot the figure
plot((1:(numel(InputVect))),InputVect*100, 'linewidth', 2);
title('MyFig', 'FontName', 'Cambria', 'FontSize', 13);
xlabel('X', 'FontName', 'Cambria','FontSize', 13);
ylabel('Y', 'FontName', 'Cambria','FontSize', 13);
I've been trying to work around a way using set(gca,'xticklabel',) but I haven't managed a result so far.
Could someone please help me out?
Thank you,

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Chunru le 23 Avr 2021
a = gca;
a.XTick = (1:160); % (0:5:160)
a.XTickLabel = string(mod(0:159, 20)+1); % mod(0:5:160, 20)
This repeats the label 1:20 for 8 times. However, there are two many labels to show and you may want to adjust the interval. For example, you can try the values in the comments above.
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Santos García Rosado
Santos García Rosado le 23 Avr 2021
Thank you @Chunru. You're right, there are way to many labels to show. I'll try different values and see which fit better. Thank's!

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