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How can I get audio output on iphone while using matlab mobile.

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Jaswandi le 12 Juil 2013
I have a script which reads an audiofile and then plays it. I was interested in running the script on matlab mobile since I want the user to be able to hear the sound on the smart phone. For trial I tried loading the exmaple file, chirp.mat but when I try playing the audio it gives me error saying that there is no audio output hardware available. I was connected on cloud network.
Now when I try connecting through computer, the script runs fine but then the sound I hear through computer speakers.
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jeffery Young
jeffery Young le 8 Déc 2015
It's a interesting question. Like to hear the solution as well
Daniel LaCroix
Daniel LaCroix le 8 Déc 2015
From what I've gathered from my use of MATLAB mobile, this isn't possible. When you run something on the app, it isn't actually running on your phone, but on a Mathworks computer, and it sends you the result back. Since your speaker is not directly connected to the computer running the command, it can't play the sound. Maybe it's possible, but I'm not sure how.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 8 Déc 2015
You would need to use tcp() or udp() to transfer the audio data to the iphone in a way that an application on the iphone would be willing to play. The facilities in MATLAB mobile are not able to do this.
There is also no means to transfer files using MATLAB Mobile.


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