How to multiply 8*8 data sets elementwise?

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vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda le 24 Mai 2021
I want multiply with 1.02 each and every element so new table will be 8*8. How one can use for loop?

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 24 Mai 2021
If you're just multiplying by the scaler of 1.02 then
will do what you want without a loop
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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 24 Mai 2021
Just to expand on the information above - your original data was stored in a table. You can't apply the times (*) operator directly on the table, so writing
extracts all the data in the table into a matrix. Holding the data in a matrix allows you to apply the times operator to multiply the elements by 1.02. However, as mentioned above, to access the data in a matrix you use the normal indexing with parenthesis () - using brace {} indexing on a matrix will cause the error you experienced. It can be confusing - you just need to be aware of what your data is stored in, and use the appropriate indexing for the task.
vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda le 28 Mai 2021
Thank you , it was beneficial .

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