use a custom made gui in another .m file

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Joseph Catanese
Joseph Catanese le 28 Mai 2021
i created a gui file and i want to run it in another m file such that if questdlg is one of the 3 like blue it will run the gui and save the answers from the gui into the m file to be further evaluated.
the help would be greatly apreciated
for instance
.m script that calls the gui
cars=questdlg('color of car','Select','Red','blue','c');
switch cars
case 'Red'||'Blue'
within the gui are checkboxes that ask for the colors when clicked a edit box becomes visible asking for the quantity of that color. this is the value i want to use in the other script.
ive got all the values i want returned in a push button callback so when the button is pushed it gets the values entered i just dont know how to get them out of the button press to the other script to use
then if it is red or blue it will call the gui i tried using call and run. and i want to take whatever values entered in the gui and continue runing them in the m file.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 28 Mai 2021
Was the GUI created with GUIDe or with App Designer?
Joseph Catanese
Joseph Catanese le 28 Mai 2021

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 28 Mai 2021
In GUIDE, you will need to go into cargui.m and uncomment the uiwait() or waitfor() in the Open Function Callback, and you will need to make sure that whatever value you want to have returned is selected in the Output Function Callback.
Then in your other gui, you will need to assign the output of cargui to a variable.
Normally when you call a GUIDE GUI, the output is the figure number, and the GUI does not wait, but there is commented code in the Open Function Callback to make it wait, and in that case what gets returned is controlled by the Output Function Callback.
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Joseph Catanese
Joseph Catanese le 29 Mai 2021
i cant get the variables to get pulled to the script but i can get the fig to work
Joseph Catanese
Joseph Catanese le 1 Juin 2021
Modifié(e) : Joseph Catanese le 1 Juin 2021
cars = questdlg('color of car','Select','Red','blue','c');
switch cars
case {'Red', 'Blue'}
result = cargui;%-------This
result = struct('redqt', nan, 'blueqt', nan, 'greenqt', nan);
carguiredqt = result.redqt;
carguiblueqt = result.blueqt;
carguigreenqt = result.greenqt;
cartot = sum([carguiredqt,carguiblueqt,carguigreenqt], 'omitnan');
@Walter Roberson on this i set it up like this but when it runs it it shows the answer for carguiredqt before it allows me to enter a number in the figure.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Mai 2021
You need to call guidata() at the end of the function, not the beginning. guidata() is needed anytime you change a field of handles that is not connected to a specific control on the form, like handles.output -- it's just a field, not a widget on the GUI so you need guidata() after you make a change to handles.output.


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