conditional representation of logical numbers

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Please I have the following time series { 111110011111000000011000011111} in time interval of seconds.
I want to use the following conditions on the sequence. Assuming 1 = True and 0 = false
if false is < 3 seconds and are inbetween two "true periods" then it is translated as 1
if true is < 3 seconds they are translated into 0
The answer when the condition is applied is
I will be grateful if anyone assist me in writing this code
Thanks in advance
Tino on 4 Jun 2021
Hi Walter
Yes the possibility of both is implemented. In the first instance you gave
the 11100111 because zeros is surrounded by 1 then the new sequence is 11111111 ( 11 is converted to 00)
For the second instance 11100111 because it is surrounded by zeros and less than 3 length it is converted to 11 (00 is converted to 11)
Hope it is clear Walter

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David Hill
David Hill on 3 Jun 2021

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