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Plotting multiple boxplots in same window...array for each boxplot is not the same length...causing error

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I'm trying to plot multiple boxplots in the same figure, but the column vectors associated with each boxplot are not the same length/dimension. ie the column vectors range in length between 31 and 102 data points. The only way I know to put more than one boxplot into the same plot is to create a matrix of the columns (see attached code) but this doesn't work when the column dimensions are not the same. Is there a workaround??
BoxSeciruty %column vector of 102 data points
BoxWidefield_123 %column vector of 71 data points
BoxWidefield_45 %column vector of 31 data points
BoxWidefield_all %column vector of 99 data points
BoxFountain %column vector of 57 data points
BoxTowns = [BoxSeciruty BoxWidefield_123 BoxWidefield_45 BoxWidefield_all BoxFountain]; %trying to make a matrix of all the above data
boxplot(BoxTowns, 'labels', {'BoxSeciruty' 'BoxWidefield_123' 'BoxWidefield_45' 'BoxWidefield_all' 'BoxFountain_all'});
title('Average start of exposure based on residence (MC=10,000)');
Many thanks for your time and tips!!

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dpb le 8 Juin 2021
Two ways to do it --
  1. Use grouping variables and catenate the data into one long vector--
Data=[BoxSecurity; BoxWidefield_123; BoxWidefield_45; BoxWidefield_all; BoxFountain];
G=[repmat(1,BoxSecurity,1); repmat(1,BoxWidefield_123,1); repmat(1,BoxWidefield_45,1); ...
repmat(1,BoxWidefield_all,1); repmat(1,BoxFountain,1)];
boxplot(Data,G) % augment as desired
2. Augment the shorter vectors to same length as longest with NaN and created array of same-length columns
N=([numel(BoxSecurity); numel(BoxWidefield_123); numel(BoxWidefield_45); ...
numel(BoxWidefield_all); numel(BoxFountain)]);
Data=[[BoxSecurity; nan(nMax-N(1),1)];[BoxWidefield_123; nan(nMax-N(1),1)];[BoxWidefield_45; nan(nMax-N(1),1)]; ...
[BoxWidefield_all; nan(nMax-N(1),1)]; [BoxFountain; nan(nMax-N(1),1)]];
Your choice of which is less painful; note that either would be MUCH simpler if the data were in a cell array or other structure rather than similarly-spelled very-long-winded individual variables. The power of MATLAB is in the use of arrays and vector operations.




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