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How to find position (indices) of minimum element on each page of 4 dimensional matrix?

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I have 4 dimensional vector similar to that shown in attached picture. I want to find position (indices) of minimum on every page separately. For example for 2 dimension we can do like this,
[i, j]=find(A == min(min(A)));
Similar thing i want to do for 4 dimensional vector. Is there any solution using MATLAB?

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KSSV le 9 Juin 2021
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 9 Juin 2021
You can use the function min to achieve this. Read about it.
% demo data using 3D matrix
A(:,:,1) = [2 4; -2 1];
A(:,:,2) = [9 13; -5 7];
A(:,:,3) = [4 4; 8 -3];
[val,idx] = min(A,[],[1 2],'linear') ; % gives min value and global index
[i,j,k] = ind2sub(size(A),idx) ; % get sub index from global index
idx gives you the global index, you can convert them into sub index using ind2sub. Read about this function.

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