Plotting for loop with two outputs

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Petch Anuwutthinawin
Petch Anuwutthinawin le 13 Juin 2021
Commenté : KSSV le 14 Juin 2021
I need to plot a function with a two variable output using any method. The graph should plot an x range of 2-1000000. I have used a for loop which should plot the prewritten function L, which outputs two different variables. Both are below.
%%This is the function that works. It is for the collatz conjecture.
function [N, mx] = prob3_6(x)
X=x;%to initialise an X value that is not the input
N=0; %to initialise an N value that starts with 0 iterations.
mx=x; %create a definition for max in terms of x.
while X~=1; %while x is not 1, ends when x=1 if ever
if mod(X,2); % if x is odd
X=1+3*X; % do calculation for odd input
X=X./2; %even numbers divided by 2
N=N+1 %for each loop, N will add 1 iteration from zero
if X>mx; % if an X value happens to be greater than the set max, which is the input,
mx=X %it will override that value with the new max.
%% This is the code that does not work for plotting the function
for X= 2:1000000;
grid on
How do I use a this loop to plot the function that I have made?
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LO le 13 Juin 2021
isn't there a typo there ? HW32P12 ?
also as you plot you want either to use "cla" after "figure(1)" to refresh the plotting or use hold on to keep all plots. Or what would you like to do ?

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KSSV le 14 Juin 2021
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 14 Juin 2021
X= 2:1000000;
n = length(X) ;
L = zeros(1,n) ;
for i = 1:n
L(i) =HW32P12Function(X(i));
grid on
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Petch Anuwutthinawin
Petch Anuwutthinawin le 14 Juin 2021
I have tried this but L is not indexed at the end, is there a way to do that so it can plot?
KSSV le 14 Juin 2021
Edited the answer.

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