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Dynamic calculating of kinematic viscosity

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PHILIPP le 26 Août 2013
Hello, I'm working a lot with the hydraulic componets from the simscape library and I want my models to be able to calculate the changes of the kinematic viscosity during the simulation. I'm coming from AMESim and my idea is to build something similar. I would like to supply tables to my model, where are measured values available (density, kinematic viscosity as a function of the local pressure). These tables should be accessable for every single component that calculates its functions with concerning viscosity and density of the local pressure. Is this possible? Can I change the calculation inside the hydraulic domain? Is the source code of the hydraulic domain accessbale for me?
Regards, Philipp

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 19 Août 2022
The source code of all Simscape foundation library blocks are available, including the hydraulic domain. I can verify back to the 2018b version but not sure about earlier ones. The parameter dialog box has a link to the source code for each block (.ssc file).
To make certain fluid properties as a function of pressure, you may define property lookup tables in the domain definition, and use the "tablelookup" function whenever appropriate to get the local fluid property. There are plenty of such examples in the source code of the thermal liquid (TL) domain.


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