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Enhancement Wishes For MATLAB

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Matlab2010 le 29 Août 2013
On suggesting these to the dev team through enhancement requests, the answers I recieved said "we do not support this feature at this time".
Anyway, here are a few things I would like to see in MATLAB:
I think MATLAB could learn a lot from MS Visual Studio (VS)
1. Ability to partially read files, eg C# filereader class.
Many people now work with data sets that are too large to be hosted in their PCs memory. It would be great to be able to suck off data from an ASCII file, one delimiter at a time and then bin it after processing.
2. The ability to pause code in run time and inspect the values of variables and then continue execution. Without setting breakpoints before hand. As VS can do.
How many hours have been lost waiting for a function to run to find the result is obviously wrong, or by hitting ctl C to see values and then needing to re-run from the start.
3. Better designed IDE. At the moment the IDE looks like something of the 1990’s. In particular, the 1 dimensional layout of the m file names is very poor. These should be tabbed/embedded as per in VS. They take up a ridiculous amount of the screen and most are not in use most of the time.
As per in VS, all the m files in a project should be available via tabs. Ie, everything in your genpath, organized by folder, and separately and in addition to the users code, the mathworks m files.
there you have it... perhaps someone from the mathworks dev team will read this and take notice...:)
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Matlab2010 le 29 Août 2013
Modifié(e) : Matlab2010 le 29 Août 2013
I always tend to update to the latest version, pretty much immediately. I am now on 2013A, 64bit (windows).
When the current folder tab is shown you get something like the VS view, yet you also get the editor m files at the same time, which are the ones that take up all the room. Also, the mathworks root m files are not shown.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Août 2013
The "Editor" panel will have multiple "tabs" with the filenames on them if you have multiple m-files open.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 29 Août 2013
Modifié(e) : Andreas Goser le 29 Août 2013
The best process to submit enhancement requests is to contact Technical Support (TS). The outcome should be:
  1. TS will verify if this is implemented in the current release in case you use an older release.
  2. TS will verify if that request already exisits in the developer database and if not create it.
  3. TS may suggest a workaround for the situation today.
  4. Often, the findings will be published as a technical article or solution document and TS also provides the frequency of a certain customer request to development.


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