Using engine data from the Powertrain Blockset in academic publications

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I used fuel consumption and emissions look-up tables obtained by resizing the reference CI Engine from the Powertrain Blockset in a powertrain simulation model I developed for some reasearch work (as a PhD student at a university), which I'm planning to present in an academic publication.
I have some closely related questions:
  • Can I even publish simulation results which make use of these look-up tables?
  • Can I publish the look-up tables themselves in graphical form? (I'd like to include a nice contour plot of the engine maps)
  • If not, can I publish them in normalized form (i.e. normalized to the 0-1 range where 1 corresponds to maximum fuel consumption / emissions)?
And last but not least, how would I properly cite the data in the references?

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Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 15 Oct 2021
Hi Federico,
I'll reach out to you directly to talk through these questions. They're more legal than technical in nature, so the answer may depend on the specifics of this work.


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