Ploting a spectrogrma view from sample points in an audio signal

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Cutie on 23 Jun 2021
I extracted some samples from an audio signal. I am to plot and have the output in a spectrogram format without using the spectrogram function in Matlab
I arranged the signal in a matrix with eaxh column representing a frame of sample size 8192, I have 20 frames extracted 20 frames as shown below.
How do I go further from here.
[signal, Fs] = audioread ("data.wav");
fl = 8192; % frame length
% frame = signal (1:8192); % the frame is the window size.
Overlap = 0.5 % window overlap
for i = 1:20
frame = signal(((i-1)*fl + 1):i*fl)
frame_signal (:,i) = (frame);

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