Save the user input dropdown item permanently and set a call back function to run when dropdown option is selected

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I am Creating a drop down list (option1,option2,option3,option4) each when selected and press the run button, corresponding .m files are called and executed.
I want the user to add the dropdown option in app (eg: Option5) and run the corresponding .m file.
I am trying the code and is attached below. The problem is I can add dropdown item but how to assign the corresponding .m file to run when i press the run button.
Also, I want to store that dropdown option added newly and the corresponding .m file in the app permanently.
Please help me with this
I am trying this code:
function AddButtonPushed(app, event)
new = app.EditField2.Value;
if ~any(ismember(app.DropDown.Items,new))
app.DropDown.Items = [app.DropDown.Items new];

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