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Could anyone please help me how to split a single matrix into two separate matrix with odd number of rows and even number of rows

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I am having a matrix
A= 20x20 double
From A, I want to split it into two matrices B =20x10 double and C=20x10 double
In specific I used the command
where i can get B=20x1 double and C=20x1 double.
But now I want to get B=A(:,1); (:,3),(:,5),...,(:,19) and C=A(:,2), (:,4), (:,6),...,(:20).
Could anyone please help me on this.

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KSSV le 16 Juil 2021
O = A(:,1:2:end) ;
E = A(:,2:2:end) ;

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